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Application for a certificate with public information to business clients

If you need a certificate on absence of tax arrears, a certificate of indebtedness, a certificate of registration as a person liable to value added tax or a certificate of legal person’s residence for tax purposes, please submit application on this form.

  • We shall issue the certificate to you in the way chosen on the application whether in the e-MTA, by e-mail or by post as an ordinary letter within five working days.
  • If you wish to receive the certificate in a service bureau, then you need not submit the application by using this form. We can issue the certificate on absence of tax arrears and the certificate of indebtedness at once, but the certificate of registration as a person liable to value added tax and the certificate of residence for tax purposes we shall issue as a work done while one is waiting.
    We shall issue English and Russian certificates within five working days in general. We shall issue certificates of indebtedness in Estonian.

  • If you wish to apply for certificates as a private client, please use the forms given on Private client's webpage.

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