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The information system of the Estonian Master Tariff moves to smartphone as first in Europe

As from today, Estonian Tax and Customs Board takes into use several new developments, which simplify business activities for companies engaged in international trade.

Valdur Laid has been appointed the new head of ETCB

Valdur Laid who has managed large companies in Estonia and in Finland for a long time will assume office of the director general within the Estonian Tax and Customs Board on June 1.

Beginning from April ETCB publishes also publishes supplies and labour force of companies

Economic operators have new opportunities to examine the background of its transaction partners and enhance its business transparency.

Information required to apply for a bank loan can now be obtained from the Tax and Customs Board

From today the Estonian Tax and Customs Board will offer the possibility of drawing up a tax information certificate for private or company’s purposes, which provides a convenient and speedy way to give banks the information they need for evaluating your lending capacity.

Sester: Marek Helm has made a significant contribution to the development of the public sector

According to the Minister of Finance Sven Sester, Marek Helm, who will be leaving office of the Director General of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board at the start of next year, has made a significant contribution to developing the public sector and making it more efficient. The Minister of Finance...

Tax and Customs Board purchases new x-ray inspection equipment

Estonian Tax and Customs Board (ETCB) concluded a procurement contract of 12, 1 mln euros on Tuesday with the Chinese technology company Nuctech for the purchase of five additional x-ray scanners.

ETCB: We simplified the application for registration as a person liable to value-added tax

The Tax and Customs Board shall offer to foreign undertakings a simplified application form for registration as a person liable to value-added tax which is accessible both in English and in Russian and which makes application for a value-added tax identification number simpler.
Photographer: Airi Leon

The Estonian Tax and Customs Board is of assistance to economic operators in controlling their cash flows

The Tax and Customs Board calls on the economic operators intending to make greater investments than ordinary ones to inform the Board beforehand in order to ensure the fast refund of input VAT and thereby the stable cash flow.

ETCB sent out land tax notices to over 296,400 people

Estonian Tax and Customs Board (ETCB) sent out more than 362,400 land tax notices to more than 296,400 people last week. Almost 80 percent of the notices were sent by email, information on the tax notice was sent by SMS text message to 13,300 people and 67,700 people are receiving their notices by post.

More pre-filled data has been added to income tax returns

Main changes involving your income tax return concern more pre-filled data and increased basic exemption.