Contacts and about us

Information phones

880 0810

General information and information on tax arrears


880 0811

Tax consultation to private and self-employed clients

880 0812

Tax consultation to business clients

880 0813

VAT consultation

880 0814

Customs information, e-Customs

880 0815

E-services (e-Tax Board)

880 0816

Land tax and heavy goods vehicle tax

Our mission

Our mission is to collect the state’s tax revenue, to protect our society and the economy, and to facilitate the business environment.



As a public institution with a developing organisational culture we help to increase law-abiding behaviour in the area of taxes and customs.


  • Trustworthiness
  • Cooperation
  • Rationality
  • Innovation

Our objectives

  • To collect the state’s tax revenue
  • To decrease the share of dishonest economic activity
  • To build an organisational culture that supports development and efficiency